How To Improve Blogger Website Page Speed

How To Improve Blogger Website Page Speed
How To Improve Blogger Website Page Speed

Hello, Guys. How are you all Hope everyone is well. So today, I will share "how to increase blogger website speed. So friends, today, read this blog post on this issue carefully from start to finish. 

Those of you who have blogger websites. Today's post is only for them. You may have a blogger website. If your blog page speed is below 50. So, you can increase the page speed of your blog site very easily. How can you increase it? Details are discussed below.

How to improve website Page Speed

First, you must use a classic/default theme to increase website speed. Classic or default templates are perfect for your Blogger websites. Mainly in terms of page speed. So you need to find such a Blogger Template. That blogger template will have no problem. So, you can easily make your blogger website page speed 90-98%.

How to increase Blogger Website speed

The blog speed can be easily increased to 90-99. Out of 100% of people in our world, only a few per cent of people know this matter. You may not know. Blogger website page speed can be 90-99, as seen in the picture. Please look at the screenshot carefully because you may think it is not Blogger. It is WordPress. See with your own eyes.

Blogspot Page Speed

Guys, if you see the Screenshot, don't believe it. The screenshot includes links to blogger websites. You can check yourself. Now that you have customized your blogger website. Your page speed is 40-50. I did too, how my page speed is 99. How is it possible? Who must read today's Article positively? Then, you will understand everything. You have to follow some rules. What must customize it? The site speed will decrease if you often use the Google Adsense Default code. There is a solution to this problem.

What to do improve the website speed

  • First, you must use the jet theme Blogger Template.
  • Second, the Google Adsence default code remove and added to use Lazy Load Adsense Code.
  • Third, the images inside the post should be used as Webp files, and the Lazy Load Image Code should be used.
  • Fourth, Google Analytics must use Lazy Load Google Analytics Code.
  • Fifth, the logo of the website should be like 10 kbps.
What are these Lazy Load Codes? You may not understand. We all know Lazy. Now say, What is a Lazy Load Code? It is used for blogs. This improves the speed of the blogger site. You will get it if you search in Google, Adsence Lazy Load Code, Lazy Load Image Code, and Lazy Load Analytics Code. And! If not, find Lazy Load Code. You have seen this on another tech blog. We have a comment box below this post. Remember to write your problem in the comments.

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