How to Wash your Car at Home

Car Wash
Car Wash

Hello, Friends. How Are you? I hope everyone is well. I will share it with you today. How to wash a car at home. Suppose you wash your car yourself. Then, you will have two benefits. One will not cost you money. Second, if you work hard, you will be fit and healthy.

7 Way to wash your car at Home

  • Keep away from sunlight.
  • Collect car wash supplies.
  • Who should mix water and detergent in proper proportion?
  • Who should thoroughly soak the car with water?
  • A large MITT must be used.
  • Clean the various parts of the car.
  • Lastly, clean the underside of the car.

Washing a car is a small task. If you have time, then you can wash your car yourself. You must purchase a few car wash items if you have a home or garden watering system. Then, you can pass your vehicle very quickly.

Before washing the car, you keep the car away from sunlight. Because the car will heat up if it is in direct sunlight, this will cause the water to evaporate quickly, making it difficult to wash the car. So keep the car away from direct sunlight. Also, close all the windows of the vehicle before washing. And Who must retract the antenna? So that water doesn't get inside, or the antenna doesn't break.

Car cleaning products should be stocked in advance. The car wash will require a car-wash detergent, three buckets, a pipe, a towel, a giant sponge, a brush, and enough water. You may get soap, water, and dirt on your skin, so dress accordingly.

What should give water to the car through the pipe, so the dirt becomes soft? As a result, it will be convenient to wash the car. And Who should keep the aim of the water through the tube downwards? Otherwise, water may enter the vehicle.

Use a large MITT to wash the car. Soak the MITT in soapy water before using it. Also, clean the wash mitt regularly with water. It will keep the paint of the car good. And What should not use the brush on the car body.

After the car is washed, wipe the vehicle thoroughly with multiple towels. Wipe in such a way that no water accumulates in the vehicle. And use a plastic brush to clean car tires. Next, polish the dry car with wax. This may need to be done multiple times. As you may know, wax protects the car from sunlight.

LAST WORD: You can wash any car very easily by following the above rules. Your car wash can cost as little as $3 to as much as $40. If you want, you can wash the car yourself at home. Then, you should read our article thoroughly. And! Share the article with your friends.


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